Remember the orgasm

It’s always so great to meet a dear friend whom you didn’t see for some time. Nikki Riddle could never guess she would meet her first love in that motel in the middle of nowhere but it happened. Just like in movies or books. Sure, they shared a dinner and a couple of drinks and spent a fantastic night. But what should they do in the morning? Should they say goodbye to each other, breakfast together, or just leave and never meet again? Nikki Riddle does not agree with these options. She walks out of the bathroom in a fluffy towel only. She tells the lucky dude how much she enjoyed the last night when his hot tongue teased her tits and her clit for so long that she simply made him fuck her to stop that anticipation. Words are good but they don’t show how much she was satisfied. So, Nikki Riddle decides to play with her juicy twat so the dude could enjoy her orgasm in a close-up scene.

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